iTRAK® - The Intelligent Track System

Discover iTRAK®

The iTRAK® system is today‚Äôs solution for motion control challenges, providing flexibility while enhancing performance significantly. The independent movers give machine designers the opportunity to design a 'pitchless' machine that can be easily adjusted to your specific application.

Why Choose iTRAK®

The iTRAK® system is modular, simple to install, operate and maintain, offering all the flexibility you need in a reduced footprint. The power, speed, and flexibility of the system is unmatched, all designed for industrial environments.

iTRAK® Portfolio - Scalable solution to fit your requirements

iTRAK® Medium Frame

iTRAK® 5730 Small Frame

Perfect fit for applications with high payloads or very large track requirements

Perfect fit for applications which require a small footprint and 50mm pitch

Application Examples

Machine builders and system integrators around the world are applying iTRAK® systems to enhance their top-end machine design. See examples in your own field here.