Why Choose iTRAK® - The Intelligent Track System

Designed for Power and Speed

The iTRAK® Intelligent Track System can handle the most demanding applications. This video shows the largest iTRAK® system running huge masses at high speeds with great precision. This type of performance proves suitability to a variety of applications. The speeds and forces for iTRAK are scalable to meet your requirements.

Designed for Flexibility

In addition to ovals, the iTRAK® system can be configured to run with a variety of configurations. This video shows multiple sections of straight track working synchronously to transfer movers. This capability is scalable to larger systems and is very well suited for automated assembly.

What Is An iTRAK®?

The iTRAK® system is today’s solution for motion control challenges, providing flexibility while enhancing performance significantly. The independent movers give machine designers the opportunity to design a 'pitchless' machine that can be easily adjusted to your specific application.

Ready To Get Started?

iTRAK® gives you multiple configuration options. Its Curve and Linear modules can be combined to create systems of various length or shape to fit exacting application needs. In addition, the system can be oriented in three ways – horizontal, vertical or stand-up – allowing for further flexibility in your final design.

Application Examples